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Part 1
The Amazing True Story of
David Hamel
Welcome to David's Hamel's Workshop

Welcome to David's Hamel's Workshop

There is no other Workshop like it in the world, at least this world. You are about to see Physic, Mathematics, and other sciences that have NOT YET BEEN DISCOVERED !!!. So if you can't figure out what these drawings are, just relax. This will be taught in Public Schools sometime around the year 2046.

Just Enjoy...

David reluctantly shows us his drawings and blueprints.

"People have stolen my drawings before" David says.

 Here's a quick glance...

Learning new Physics is hard-Especially if it has not been invented yet!

Define Physics...

How do you describe a Very Advanced Physics to modern society? Well, the same way you describe the workings of a digital watch to someone living in the 1800's - with much training, testing, and patience - "The same way I learned" David says. Its not easy when your building the technology all by your self, and the average lay person cannot accept where I got my sources from. "Even his neighbors hate me".

These are some earlier photos showing the construction of some of his first prototypes. These are outlined in his Book - "The Granite Man and the Butterfly".

"I'll build it myself if no one believes me" says David "Its for Mankind, I need nothing in return"

A close up of "the Butterfly" (the mechanics of the wing oscillations)

David's Modern Shop as it appears in late 1996

The work shop is filled with gizmos and contraptions

Sometimes she works, sometimes she don't.

Of the most interesting information that David has to give us is not of the physical models, but of the information about Earth / ET Realities.

The secret is here, in the pinion of the Isotope line

For examples: ET philosophy, inter-dimensional travel (into alternate pasts, futures, and faster then light travel), Alternate Realities (physical and non-physical), Extra-Terrestrials (intervention / non-intervention and Purpose), Reason for human being (Why are humans here), Historical Artifacts (Stone Hinge-a landing pad/marker, the Pyramids-free energy and electrical conductors/converters, Aztec Calendar-blueprint of ship construction and human genetics), Secret observation places (sub-zero Antarctica, very deep down in the ocean), Biblical ties (or distorted Biblical ties), the true god (us!, the breath of life). This information is just not obtainable anywhere.

"This is my work. I hope that someday Earth and Mankind will benefit from it."
"...As to why I was chosen to be contacted by Extra-Terrestrials?, ...I don't know,
...that's the hard part, ...don't ask me that question"
David Hamel