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Free Energy & AntiGravityFree Energy & AntiGravity

David Hamel has recently passed away this September 2007. All of his friends will sure miss him. We have no more details at this time, but hope that all people that have been ‘touched’ by David, will continue his work to completion.


David will be missed by many. David was a great man with lots to share with this world. Let's use his information wisely.

'If you look on the walls of the Pyramids...,
you will see my theories!"

David Hamel, 1998

Real People Videos!

The most Unbelievable source of Paranormal Information of the Web, that features REAL LIFE People, with their own stories to tell. Much of this is Video Documented on this World Famous Site !!!

Why I Started This This Site!
UFO People
Free Energy People
Anti-Gravity People
Conspiracy People
Meet with a UFO Contactee from Northern Canada. David Hamel's efforts to create Free Energy and Anti-Gravity are now World Known! David now talks about the Extraterrestrials that gave him the information!

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Montauk & Experiment Rare Videos Found:
 Leading Researcher on Free Energy and Anti-Gravity Tells All:
"I was and Extra-Terrestrial Genetic Cross Breed Experiment". Trance Channeling & Regression reveal the true life story of Eddie Pages Extra-Terrestrial Abduction.
Spills the Guts on Suppressed UFO Photos, and Technology hidden from us for HUNDREDS OF YEARS!!!-The Alien Presence
Marina Popovich Soviet Close Encounters reveals and shows photographs of a crash-landed UFO in the USSR! Alien and Motherships
Differences of the emergence of man from the universe according to the several Extraterritorial Races! Very Interesting Indeed!
Kristina: "The hardest thing was to adjust to my physical body. The reality was not available to me by just thought as it was on Venus.".

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