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David Hamel
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David Hamel:Granite Man Autographed Copy $45.00

Sorry, Sold Out!

Book-Granite Man and the Butterfly

This book written by Jeanne Manning as told by David Hamel. It describes the many events that lead up to his Close Encounter of the 3rd kind. David show some early photos of his prototypes and describes the workings of his machines and his personal life. He tells about his experiences and encounters in the war and of the great government cover-up.

Its sure to be a collectors item. Only 1000 copies printed.

No publishers would carry this book. This is a Private publication-Not available in bookstores. Some proceeds go directly to David Hamel for his continuing technological development. (185 pages)

Video Tape:
David Hamel: Contact From Planet Kladen $30.00

 Video: Contact from planet Kladen

This Amazing Video details the heroic story of David Hamel from his first witness of a UFO joining a group of Canadian Air force jets in mid air, to his present day contact. He was given advanced information from these Extra-Terrestrials enabling him to build some unusual devices. It shows RARE FOOTAGE of David in his work shop describing his free energy and anti-gravity machines. It also reveals some of his drawings and theories in his blueprint room, and the social hard ships of being a UFO Alien Contactee including Government and Men in Black Visitations. David deciphers the meaning of the Aztec calendar and explains the invisible Kriptonique forces, and the unseen forces of magnets. David also talks about the purpose of Stone Hinge and some Ancient Egyptian ET Artifact and how the entire plans of his space craft propulsion system have been depicted on the walls of the pyramids for centuries.

This case is sure to be the "Billy Mier of Canada", yet David is still relatively unheard of. This is the only video account interviewing David directly about his experiences.

This is a Private production-Not available in stores. Some proceeds got directly to David Hamel for his continuing technological development. An absolute must for the UFO collector. (90 Min.)

Video Tape:
David Hamel: Principles-Mysteries of the Unseen $30.00

Video: "The Principles" - Mysteries of the Invisible

"The Neubians were people that lived long time ago. They were small people. When you look at the Egyptian drawings you will see tall people and small people. The small people were the Neubians.". This is suppressed history. How does David Hamel know? - "I don't know how", says David, "I just don't know!".

Video Tape:
David Hamel: The ET Blueprints $30.00

Video: "The Blueprints"-The ET Blueprints

David Reveals, for the first time on video, the 'early' drawings that he used to build the prototypes of the Flying Saucer, who's Antigravity forces were so strong, that the Saucer flu through David Hamel's Roof!

David gets into to energies and scalars and reveals the mystery of the spider. "Spiders use scalar technology!..." says David. "Did you every see a spider weaving his web?, and then suddenly the spider jumps horizontally to another branch without any apparent gravitational forces affecting him? This is the scalar" says David.

Video Tape:
David Hamel:Hamel in the Shop $30.00

Video:"The Shop"-Building the Ship

As we take the tour through David Hamel's personal shop there is granite and magnets everywhere. Even the broken pieces (we managed to get a few pieces for souvenir from David) are put together and used again. "The cost is very expensive", says David holding a small granite ball about 10 inches in diameter. "This one cost me $1,200.00!". We look on the table and see what appears to be a bowling ball cut in half. "Oh, I always practice on a bowling ball until I get the mold right" says David "then I make the real stuff!".


In an effort to help raise money for David's free energy and anti-gravity technological developments, David has authorized us to sell the following three products:

Glossy Photo:
David Hamel: Autographed 8x10 Glossy Photo $45.00

Special Limited Edition Autographed David Hamel Glossy Photos

David is offering a limited edition, full color, glossy 8 x10 personally autographed photos of himself demonstration the "infamous" Hamel Spinner (see left).This signing will be limited to only 100 copies (we already sold 8 of them,5 minuets before he started signing them!!!).

(Comes with Authenticity Certificate and additional photo showing David actually signing the master prints)

People who say that this spinner cannot possibly work, should not buy a photo of David showing us that it is working.

Hamel Mangnets:
David Hamel:Magnet Particles $20.00

Hamel Magnets

This is a real treat. These are the ACTUAL cobalt magnets that David Hamel has used to build his anti-gravity space ship that took off in the air into no where land. These are the only known bits and pieces of magnets that broke off the ship during construction. We only have a limited number of small pieces available and expect that they will not last long now that the name Hamel in starting to be known worldwide.

There are for Souvenirs Only.

Hamel Granite:
David Hamel: Granite Pieces $20.00

Hamel Granite

Another rare commodity. David Hamel Granite !!!. These pure granite samples are the reason that David was flown by the extra-terrestrials from Vancouver to Gilmore Ontario. These Granite pieces are used to make the wings and bearings of David's Ship and are found only on David's land in Gilmore.

There are for Souvenirs Only.

For Combination Specials, go Here

Special Note:

David's book entitled "The Granite Man and the Butterfly".is an interesting title since the Butterfly, as David refers to it, is the basic principle that drives the circular Granite bearings or wings into perpetual motion. The book had only a printing of a 1000 copies and there are only about 150 copies left. Each copy is personally autographed by David. What I have left will be sold for only $25.00 each copy until they are gone. This is one of the reasons for having this Web Site since some proceeds go directly to David to continue his work.

(UPDATE-we were sold out of books but have recently obtained several extra copies were obtained from David and we will offer these while the last)

Neither the book nor the video can be bought through stores or other UFO mail-order companies. Since no distributors or re-sellers were interested in this "mumbo jumbo" information, it is now only available through this offer. We therefore would welcome any dealer inquiries. Hopefully, if there are enough interested people, so that David can produce a second printing and add more of his experiences and information.

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